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From Tennessee to Tombstone!

Feb 22 | Posted by: Strong House Music

As many of you know AJ & Cleve are songwriters! In January they flew out to Scottsdale, Arizona for a great week of writing and preparing for another baseball recording project with their songwriting partner and baseball junkie, Ned Pfieffer. One of the writing days took them out to Tombstone where they caught a reenactment of the gunfight at OK corral! They had never been to Arizona and the weather was great, the food was wonderful and they wrote 9 great songs that will be recorded in the fall..... Thanks Ned for a great week.... Play Ball!! 

Pictured (Left- AJ Clark, Cleve Clark & the tallest cactus the boys had ever seen!) (Top Right- AJ Clark, Cleve Clark & Ned Pfieffer with the cowboy in Tombstone) (Top Right- "Liver Eatin' Ned Pfieffer)

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